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Fire Up Your Savings Game

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

With prices rapidly rising on everyday items, perhaps your savings plan has gone by the wayside. These tips will help you find more money in your budget – starting with saving at the grocery store.

# 1 – Plan Before You Shop to Save on Groceries

Know what you have to spend:  Set a budget or a dollar limit for each trip to the store or each order, and keep a running tally as you shop so you come in on budget.

#2 – Shop Around – Compare Prices from Different Stores

You have tons of grocery shopping options. Looking closely at them and finding the mix that works for you can help you balance your personal preferences, the kinds of things you need, and the price you are willing to pay. You may find out that by splitting your grocery list up between several options gets you the best deals.

#3 – Stick to Your List, Stick to Your List, Stick to Your List

Sticking to your list is probably the most important thing you can do to save money on groceries and hit your grocery budget. Your list is your plan, man. When you buy something else, you are spending your money on something you didn’t plan for.

Treat your list like your lifeline: stick to it and get yourself out of there! Make note of the things you wanted or felt like you needed that weren’t on your list, and when you’re safely away from temptation, re-evaluate. Did you just miss an item that should have been on your list? Or were you wanting that thing for other reasons?

#4 – Beat Your Budget: Find the Best Deals on the Things You Need

You know what you need to buy because you made an awesome list. But how can you get the best deal on each of those items? Balance your total budget (how much you have overall to spend at the grocery store), with the best per-unit cost for each item. For example, if you only have $25 to spend, a years’ worth of toilet paper for $50 is not that helpful. But, if you can get a weeks’ worth of toilet paper for $1 less than normal, you just found $1.

#5 – Stick to Your Plan at Home, Too: Use All of What You Buy

Stretch those dollars even further by reducing or eliminating waste, so you can buy less often. And maximize your grocery purchases for the foods and supplies that meet your needs, and make your life easier, happier, and healthier. Keep going!

What to Do If Your Grocery Bill Is Putting You Underwater

If you find yourself paying for groceries on your credit card without the resources to pay that balance off because your bank account is empty, or if you are skipping meals or going hungry so your kids can eat, that is a different thing altogether.

Looking at your whole financial picture, learning about your different options, and making a plan for your finances can relieve a huge amount of stress and anxiety – and help you figure out how to get where you want to be.

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