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We’re proud of what our members have to say about us.

We love getting to know them and their unique stories, and we’re excited to share what they think about their relationships with People First. Watch their stories below to learn more!


People First was caring, energetic, and passionate about the business and personally invested in The Udder Bar.

Michael DeLong, Owner of The Udder Bar

I’ve always had great customer service with People First.

They are a credit union of the Lehigh Valley, they are for us and I have such a great personal connection with them.

Elizabeth Strong, Owner and Senior Stylist of Elizabeth Anthony’s Salon

People First Makes me feel comfortable throughout the commercial lending process.

Mat Pezon, Director of the Real Estate Lab and CEO of Pezon Properties

It may sound cliche, but it literally felt like working with People First, they were on my team.

Andrew Santiago, Real Estate Investor at The Real Estate Lab

I would recommend People First for you as your first choice because they are going to give you the information you need, they’re going to guide you through the right steps, and they’re going to do everything possible to fight for you. They gave me that opportunity. They gave me that dream as a woman. They gave me that dream as a Latin American. I could not be happier with People First.

Zady Pineda, owner of Get Set Learning Centers