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Time Well Spent: 5 Resources for Building Financial Capability

Tax filing deadlines are approaching…have you filed yet? To lessen the anxiety of the season, take this opportunity to explore overlooked deductions that can help lower your tax bill.

While most people are aware of popular deductions like mortgage interest and charitable contributions, several lesser-known categories can help you save. (Ready to check taxes off your list? File Free HERE.)

What Influences Your Money Habits?

Financial capability can be traced to our habits when it comes to handling money. Our money habits lay the foundation for our ability to make informed decisions, weather economic uncertainties, and achieve financial goals. Understand what influences your money habits with this informative article and webinar highlight.   

 A1 Credit Tool (Free Online Course)

Credit scores impact nearly every aspect of our financial lives from our ability to secure housing to receiving favorable interest rates on large purchases. New to the world of credit and interested in learning about how it plays a role? This free course examines common credit challenges and offers insight into meeting credit goals.

Interactive Budgeting Worksheet  

If you’re not a big fan of spreadsheet-style budgeting, this intuitive, fuss-free budgeting worksheet helps you calculate your monthly expenses and income for an overview of your current financial picture and where you might be able to save—you can use the online version or print the PDF

Redesign Your Financial Habits (Free Online Course) 

Habits are very powerful, especially where spending is concerned. Many of us wish to improve our habits to minimize financial stress and improve financial capability. This course is useful for anyone who has made a budget (and struggles to stick with it) and those needing some extra motivation in their goal setting. 

Paying Down Your Credit Card (Free Online Course)

If you are dealing with high credit card debt, you are not alone. The average American household has a balance of more than $6,000 in high interest credit card debt.  These balances impact financial capability, health, and wellness. Paying off high interest credit card debt is possible with a little planning. 

This article is shared by our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness, a trusted national non-profit. This article is also available in Spanish.